A blind and secure student voting system designed for Student Governments.
Copyleft by Chris Maj

By empowering students with a web-based interface to direct democratic controls like the initiative, referendum, and recall, phpSGVote allows for all voices to be heard while preserving their privacy. Casual polling can give way to binding resolutions, potentially eliminating the need for a body of representation like Student Government, if conducted with sufficient frequency. Requires Apache w/SSL, PHP4, prefers LDAP, and is database independent (tested with MySQL.)

Update: 10.28.2003
I have come to the conclusion, for quite some time now, that online voting is inherently NOT SAFE. I wouldn't recommend it for anything really important. Not just my code, but online voting in general.
On that note, here's a link to problems with Diebold, the largest purveyor of electronic elections fraud in the USA: Why War?

Update: 7.24.2002
I guess the program has been used at a couple of more places, some with modifications some without. Hopefully, people can send in patches. I will try to apply them. If I go back to school, I will probably spend some time working on this project again, too.

Update: 4.25.2002
Please note that it is not safe to run this program on a multiuser machine where there is not sufficient trust among all the users. In paritcular, PHP commands like show_source() and highlight_file() can be used to expose the database connection parameters from anyone else's PHP scripts, if you are not careful.
Also note that I have pretty much stopped development on this project, although it is still being used by the Rochester Institute of Technology Student Government. They have modified the code, and they haven't released the changes. When that happens, I may update the CVS tree.